2022 Words of Wisdom

As we're coming up on a new year, we asked some of our coolest friends in all our cities for some info on what is coming in 2022. They shared the best artists, galleries, restaurants and more that we should all look out for. The future looks bright.

Bionda Sno — Amsterdam

The Amsterdam-based trend forecaster also curates the Sir Art Studio.

What emerging Dutch artist are you most excited about?

Corine van Voorbergen. Her simplicity in the use of mixed layers of mediums with a final touch of epoxy makes every piece unique and provides each viewer with their own individual magical feeling. She was already picked up at Milan Design Week in 2021, and in 2022 she partakes at the Biennale Venice. You can find her work on display at the Sir Art Studio.

What's are best the Instagram for news & trends we need to follow?

@WGSN is the leading trend platform covering multiple industries. They look ahead at least three to five years. For fashion: the Hirshliefers, @lorihirshleifer and @marcihirshleifer. Hirshleifers is a family-owned high-end department store in NYC founded in 1910 and still run by the 5th generation of sisters. As Lori says: "Everything you like, I liked 5 years ago".

What are the best new bars & restaurants to try in Amsterdam?

Saint Jean is a plant-based bakery I love. AO Bar is great for an afternoon. Also, this new restaurant called Corner Store in Amsterdam North. It's inspired by Japanese music bars and they use local ingredients for their menu with an Asian twist. They also serve a blissful selection of bio-natural wines.

Alexander von Schlieffen — Berlin

The astrologer & artist also has a new Sir Explore coming in 2022.

At the end of 2020, you said we're at the beginning of a new era. What does that look like now as we approach 2022?

The new era will be 200 years and will be more about cooperation than rivalry and possession. It takes a couple of years until we can really see the first clear results of this coming epoque.

What is one thing you can caution us about in 2022?

In 2022, the five outer planets, each symbolizing an extremely different life energy, are aligned next to each other. This is a situation as if all the different political leaders of the world with their different intentions would sit on the tube next to each other. None of them can make the step or a movement without being recognized by their neighbor. That leads to a tricky situation that nevertheless enables us to reconsider our fundamental ways of seeing the world, our thought and value systems as well as our decisions about the future. Despite the fact that this is not the most comfortable moment in time, it can help us to straighten our concepts and to become more clear about what we really want.

What should we all be paying attention to and learning this year?

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be too deeply identified with and involved in the “battle of opinions“ around us and in the world of social media. Keep distance from an overflow of information to keep your mental/emotional system healthy. The way the media and the press inform us about what is going on is still deeply rooted in the consciousness of the dying age, therefore the way they think about consequences and solutions is based on a linear and logical understanding of what is going on, based on a purely materialistic vision of life.

Vanda Mustur — Ibiza

She's on the Ibiza Preservation Fund team. Learn more about the Sir Joan x IPF Sir Cares partnership.

What new Ibizan restaurant is doing great things for the island that we need to go to in 2022?

I would definitely recommend visiting our €1 initiative partners who help us to raise funds and support our work by adding a discretionary euro to bills. They include Sir Joan, Jondal, Chiringuito Blue, La Gaia, Vivo, Cana Pepeta, La Paloma, Cas Gasi, Nikki Beach and Nobu Ibiza Bay. Other great places I love to go to are ReArt and Nagai.

What is something we should all keep in mind next year when visiting the island?

Whether you are a visitor or a resident, I would say “protect what you love”. We all have to be more aware of how vital is to preserve the natural beauty of this island and take better care of the environment. In general, aim for a lifestyle that follows the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle.

What sustainability trends are you noticing in Ibiza recently?

It definitely feels like there is a wind of change a the moment towards a more sustainable kind of tourism. This year, for the first time, we have joined forces with Save the Med in Mallorca to launch a Balearic-wide certification scheme called Plastic Free Balearics, and we are seeing a huge amount of businesses across the four islands wanting to sign up and become what we are calling Plastic Free Guardians, helping to protect the local environment.

Ivo von Renner — Hamburg

Book a Perfect Portrait Sir Explore with the photographer in Hamburg.

What's a trend in Hamburg we should all be paying attention to?

Hamburg is the most classic city in Germany and stands for tradition and not for trend. The Berliner Bahnhof Restaurant and Bar is located at Hamburg Central Station is both. It is in close proximity to the main museums and is part of the wonderful Deichtorhallen. Food and drink is casual and in the spirit of the times.

Until April 10, 2022, Deichtorhallen Hamburg is embarking on an interstellar mission with American artist Tom Sachs and his team of sculptors and astronauts, SPACE PROGRAM: RARE EARTHS. This fourth exhibition in Sachs' "Space Program" is part of a thirteen-year journey of exploration to the frontiers of other worlds and human possibilities for space exploration.

What are the best new places that piqued your curiosity in Hamburg we need to go to in 2022?

The new museum of modern art Woods Art Institute, and it's also worth a trip to the surrounding area. At the Woods Art Institute, the ever-growing sculpture garden in the historic English park complements an extraordinary collection of modern and contemporary art by the young collector couple Johanna and Friedrich Gräfling .

What German artist colleagues of yours are you most excited about right now?

The paintings of the young painter Antony Valerian are almost always large formats and illuminate walls. They resemble painted stories in which everyday things suddenly find meaning.

Virginie — Barcelona

Virginie regularly DJs at Sir Victor.

What Spanish/Catalan musician are you most excited about right now?

Depends of my mood, but one is John Talabot, a big figure of the electronic music scene and one of my favorites. His eclectic sets are amazing! A second one that I really like right now is an incredible young artist Lauren Nine, a soul & RnB singer. She also plays sax, piano and bass.

What new music venue or party in Barcelona do we need to look out for in 2022?

DROP PARTY, the latest project of a house music crew in Barcelona and the best regular party. They started three years ago and they can't stop!

What trends are you noticing on the Barcelona music scene that we should know?

There is a collective of cool kids that makes many projects, from clothing to parties with an African touch, called The Voodoo Club. They're the new generation of the Afro beat culture. Jokko Collective is another you cannot miss.