5 Questions for Wekaforé Jibril

Ahead of our Halloween party at Ibiza’s Sir Joan with The Voodoo Club, we asked party host, designer and musician Wekaforé Jibril about what we can expect from the big night.

We might just outdo ourselves with this year’s Halloween party at Ibiza’s Sir Joan. Why? The Voodoo Club. For our third annual party, we’re taking it to another level with the Barcelona-based afro-funk collective, famous for their after-hours dance parties. The club’s founder, Wekaforé Jibril, doesn’t just know how to put on a good party—he’s also a musician, fashion designer and producer, totally tapped into Barcelona and Ibiza’s creative scene.

We asked Wekaforé Jibril a few questions to get us ready for the night. If you want to join us for the party, RSVP here.

You’re based in Barcelona and are hosting this party in Ibiza, our two homes in Spain. What do you love about each place?

I love the happy-go-lucky-down-to-earth atmosphere of Barcelona; it's so easy to live and love here. The magic of Ibiza is undeniable. There’s something mystical in the air, something before our time. This is perfect for the Voodoo Club.

What’s the story behind The Voodoo Club?

I got tired of going to mainstream clubs here in the city. The energy is toxic and the security guards are always either angry or unwelcoming to people of color or both. So, I decided to create a better space for my people and anyone who wants to join us. It became an instant success and a necessary date in Barcelona’s monthly calendar.

What makes a Voodoo Club party so magical?

The people. The love I put into it is the same love we receive. People are so open and loving to everyone, everyone is safe. It's like the love of my mother when I invite guests over, and that is what makes it magical.

Can you give us any hints about any special details about the party at Sir Joan?


And any hints about your costume?

That’s a lot of pressure. I’m trying not to think about it until the week before—I just need something primitive that will let me sweat and dance.