Words of Wisdom from Astrologer Alexander von Schlieffen

[13 Nov. 2020] We've asked one of our dear friends Alexander von Schlieffen, Berlin-based astrologer and former host of our Food For Thought event series, what the stars are telling us right now. He shared some wisdom which will hopefully put things into perspective during this uncertain period.


The cycles of the planets of our solar system define the content of our life cycles.

Usually, two planets meet every few years. In 2020, we have the beginning of four cycles within less than 12 months. This only happens every few hundred years.

For Earth, this means that four different life cycles begin more or less simultaneously. This is such a striking moment in history. Political, economical and cultural values will be transformed in the following years. Most people think that the reason for what is happening now is the virus. From the astrological perspective, the pandemic is the executor of a new zeitgeist.

The most significant constellation of the year is the end of a 200-year cycle of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions in the element of Earth. Earth symbolizes materialism, capitalism and physical boundaries.

On 21 December, a new 200-year phase of this cycle begins in the element of air. Air symbolizes network and cooperation. In ancient times, the encounter of these two planets was called: “The old king is leaving the throne and a new king will come“. In December, a new kingdom will start to evolve.

From this perspective, the pandemic is not a cause in itself; it stimulates the forces for the inauguration of a new 200-year epoch.

A new era will be born. A birth is always intense and related to some uncertainties about the future. 2020 is not an end but a significant beginning.

Be curious, courageous and stay in tune with the stars!