MR PORTER Ibiza is now open

A new season brings a fresh restaurant to the island.

The first pop-up concept of MR PORTER Steakhouse, Bar & Lounge (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Ibiza & London) by The Entourage Group has opened its doors at Sir Joan.

Indulge in fresh ingredients all summer long with a menu featuring refined Mediterranean dishes, unique flavors, and refined techniques that embody the flirtatious and adventurous cuisine of MR PORTER.

The menu seamlessly blends timeless favorites with distinctive signature dishes like freshly baked focaccia, lady mignon, jumbo prawn salad, sirloin steak, and spicy yellowtail sashimi, as well as new creations inspired by the island.

Stay late into the night with DJ sets that keep the atmosphere going, blurring the lines between 'dinner and sinner.' MR PORTER is a proud member of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP.