Manifesting a Fulfilling Summer in Ibiza

Ibiza has that alluring spirit. Whether it’s Es Vedrà rising from the Mediterranean or sunrise beats lingering from Patcha. There’s something that draws us back to the island time and time again.

Someone who knows that special energy well is Alexcia Panay, a resident of the island, who hosts ceremonies for self-discovery, connection, and transformation. We met with her to set intentions for a fulfilling summer with our guests Mad City Dispatch, Georgia Medley, Greta Fernandez, Sharmadean, Luna Isabella, Manon De Velder, Hollie Mercedes, Francesca Saffari, and Miguel Carrizo. Here’s how you can do the same, from anywhere too.

First, how did you develop an interest in spirituality and ceremonial practices? Was there a specific moment that ignited your journey?

My personal journey into spirituality and ceremonial practices began through change and self-exploration. I embarked on a journey to explore various ceremonies and discovered meditation, the transformative power of cha dao, and tea ceremonies. A friend also gifted me a typewriter, this became a channel for my poetic expressions which I used to infuse my life with deeper meaning, leading me to share it with others.

What makes Ibiza a spiritual destination for you, beyond its natural beauty?

Ibiza holds a unique and undeniable energy. The island's mesmerizing beauty and landscapes have this spiritual essence to it. And if you tap into it with pure intentions, the island generously offers access to hidden realms and powerful portals, revealing its many healing benefits.

You organized a beautiful ceremony for guests at Sir Joan. What was the intention behind this ceremony, and what message did you hope to convey?

The intention was to create a shared space of peace, creativity, and inner connection. We initiated the ceremony with a tea practice, creating a rare moment of silence in our fast-paced and noisy world. From this place of stillness, we delved into a creative writing practice, allowing guests to explore their hearts and minds authentically. Sitting in a circle and sharing vulnerabilities became a profoundly healing experience, reminiscent of ancient times when such gatherings were the basis of communication. Guiding people on this journey of remembrance brings me so much joy, and I think everyone enjoyed it too…

As we’re halfway into summer, what practices would you recommend for setting intentions or goals to make the most out of this season? Do you have any tips for manifesting a fulfilling summer?

Water serves as a gateway to nature and a natural way to alter our consciousness. I highly recommend immersing yourself in the sea, swimming, and experiencing the sensation of floating. Starting each day with a revitalizing cold shower can also awaken your senses and set a fresh tone for the day.

Personally, I find morning intuitive writing incredibly transformative—a way to release mental clutter and establish a positive trajectory. Writing down your values and visions helps crystallize them, paving the way for their manifestation. Additionally, dance can be a powerful practice for connecting with your body. Simply choose a favorite song, close your eyes, and feel the rhythm.

Apart from Sir Joan, are there any other places in Ibiza that hold special significance for you, either grounding or uplifting?

Ibiza is full of special places, each holding its own magic. Personally, I find solace in being out at sea, exploring the breathtaking coastline or visiting Es Vedrà — an energetic epicenter of immense power. On land, the ancient Tanit's cave in the far north and the enchanting Phoenician water reserve, Es Broll, captivate me. When it comes to eating local, the legendary La Paloma restaurant is a must-visit, where magic intertwines with deliciousness. Nevertheless, I also cherish the comfort of being home. I reside in the campo near Atzarro and host tea ceremonies with creative writing circles every Wednesday, as well as one-on-one weekend immersions.