Inside Amsterdam's Music Scene with PRUNK

We have a new exclusive monthly music session at Amsterdam's Sir Adam with PIV Records, the local house label and platform for emerging artists. We asked PRUNK, the label's founder, for insider info about the city's music scene. Plus, you can find out how to win a spot on the guest list for the February party.

What is the monthly party at Sir Adam bringing to Amsterdam's scene?

I think it's a great new platform for us to showcase our vibe, our style and our artists. We do a lot with decoration and invite a select group of people who are close to the label, which makes sure the atmosphere will always be close to our identity. Original video content and broadcasting is so important now to get your brand noticed by a wider audience, so we're really excited about the location and the collaboration with Sir Hotels!

Other than our new monthly event at Sir Adam, what are the best weekly/monthly music events in Amsterdam?

There is so much good stuff out there. We appreciate what everyone is doing to help the city's scene to stay so active. We have our own regular club night at the newly opened club Lovelee and had a great opening night there in December, with more to follow this year. In addition, we will be hosting a stage at Overwinteren Festival in February with an exclusive afterparty at Ponton. Really looking forward to that one.

What about annual festivals in the Netherlands—what are your go-to's?

For us, it's usually the bigger festivals like AOA, Straf_Werk and DGTL, with some also involving our own stage hosting. Next to those, there are a lot of different festivals where the PIV artists are booked, so you could call us festival hoppers!

What do you want everyone to know about PIV Records?

We are a homegrown record label that was founded here in Amsterdam. We started doing regular club nights during the first year, next to releasing our music on digital and vinyl. Over the years, we grew into a platform for young producers who support our sound as well as a big variety of fun people we named the PIV Family who support our creative concepts and follow us everywhere in the Netherlands and abroad. Last year, we also opened our own artist agency.

What’s one resource people can check for the best upcoming events in Amsterdam?

We try to be active a lot on the usual social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, so please follow our channels to stay updated :-)