The Best of Berlin’s Kantstraße

Our very own Sir Savigny is located in Berlin’s cultured Charlottenburg district, right on the neighborhood’s famed thoroughfare Kantstraße. Named after philosopher Immanuel Kant in 1887, the street is the go-to for those who want multicultural adventures. Here are the spots we always recommend.


  • Ryotei 893: Kantstraße is famous for its authentic Asian cuisine, and this is our pick for the best Japanese food in town.
  • Madame Ngo: Your go-to for delicious pho.
  • Lon Men’s Noodle House: A very affordable Taiwanese noodle shop. There’s always a line for a reason.
  • Funky Fisch: A sophisticated eatery where you can find great fish in landlocked Berlin.


  • Paris Bar: A legendary French brasserie deeply rooted in the literary and art scene. A must for anyone who loves an elegant restaurant experience.
  • Schwarzes Café: Located just around the corner from Sir Savigny, this hotspot frequented by David Bowie and Iggy Pop back in the day is open 24/7, and you can get breakfast at any hour you want.


  • Bücherbogen: Not just any old bookstore. Bücherbogen offers thousands of books on every subject you can possibly imagine. You’ll want to dedicate some serious time to browsing the shelves.
  • The Bocci 79 Showroom: This mind-blowing lighting showroom used to be an old courthouse before Bocci reimagined the interior with dazzling lighting installations. You can get a private tour with Sir Explore.For a guided tour from a local expert and one of our coolest friends, sign up for a Sir Explore experience.

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