Sir Victor’s Impressive Art Collection

Nearly 25 local Catalan artists contributed pieces to the hotel’s many spaces.

Like all of our hotels, Sir Victor has art and culture embedded in its DNA. Set in Barcelona’s vibrant modernist district, the hotel is only a few steps away from some of Gaudi’s most famous architectural works. The hotel is even named after the revolutionary Catalan writer Victor Català. We wanted the interior of the building to reflect the city’s artistic spirit, so we worked with 25 local artists, from emerging to established, to decorate the hotel from top to bottom.

Whether you’re in the lobby, a guest room or an event space, you’re never more than few feet away from an incredible piece of art. Our goal was to paint a full picture of the best that the Catalan art scene has to offer, from the early 1950s till now. We hope the collection encourages discussion and inspires whoever passes through Sir Victor’s doors.

Joan Hernández Pijuan, "Rosa Verda", 1987
Perejaume, "Pinzellades" (1992)

The artists include:

  • Perejaume
  • Jaume Plensa
  • Angels Ribe
  • Antoni Muntadas
  • Antoni Llena
  • Ràfols Casamada
  • Alfons Borrell
  • Zush
  • Josep Guinovart
  • Joan Brossa
  • Chema Madoz
  • Joan Ponç
  • Joan Hernández Pijuan
  • Joan Miro
  • Benet Rossell
  • Medina Campeny
  • Ester Partegas
  • Regina Gimenez
  • Ramiro Fernandez Saus
  • Bernat Daviu
  • Jordi Mitja
  • Enric Farrés Durán
  • Mihail Moldoveanu

Art curator: Idit Orni

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