3 Questions for Author Mirna Funk

We’ve been lucky enough to host award-winning Berlin writer Mirna Funk for two of our Books & Booze events at Sir Savigny for some inspiring stories and cocktails. The first time, she read her children’s book "Wo ist Papa?", and the second time, she read an excerpt from "Winternähe", challenging the question “What defines who we are?” We asked her three questions about her writing.

How does Berlin inspire your writing?

I am a Berliner by birth. Where ever I go, I can see history—the history of myself and my upbringing. Where other people see a crossing, I see a personal event from ages back. When I walk through Berlin, I truly feel home. I breathe this city. We will be connected forever.

What makes the Berlin writer scene special to you?

Most of the really interesting German writers live in Berlin, writers from all over the world who decided to come to Germany. Some came when they were children, some came when they were older. They bring their story, their culture, their language, their rituals and religion to this place and simply make it more livable. I do believe in diversity, and the Berlin writer scene is very diverse. This is what I love about it.

What would you like to write about in the future?

Well, as a writer, I write all the time. I am not living in the future with my writing. If there is something I want to write, I simply do it. I always wanted to write a screenplay for a TV fiction series, and this is what I am luckily now doing next to finishing my new novel.

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