How We Named Each Sir Hotel

Adam, Albert, Joan, Nikolai, Savigny, Victor. Each Sir has a unique name, and there’s an interesting story behind them all.


Sir Adam is located in Amsterdam North in one of Amterdam’s most famous buildings, the A’DAM Tower. A’dam is Amsterdam’s nickname, and it really is a tower for the city. "A’DAM" in the tower's case also stands for Amsterdam Dance and Music. Sir Adam shares the building with some of the country’s most influential music companies, like Sony Music, ID&T, Gibson and MassiveMusic. We wanted the name to represent that it’s a hotel that not only brings together the tower’s creative community, but also the city itself.


Sir Albert is located in Amsterdam’s vibrant De Pijp district, just down the street from the famous Albert Cuyp Market. Albert Cuyp (1620 – 1691) was one of the most prominent painters. As a tribute to the neighborhood and Dutch culture, we named Sir Albert after him.


Sir Joan is located on Ibiza’s Passeig Joan Carles. The street is named after Juan Carlos I, who was the king of Spain from 1975 to 2014. (Joan Carles is the Catalan spelling.) He is celebrated for transitioning Spain to democracy post Franco, and several streets and buildings in Spain are named after him. Joan/Juan is a very popular name in Spain as well. We wanted the hotel to connect with the local Catalan culture, so we named it Joan.


Hamburg’s Sir Nikolai is located right on Nikolaifleet, one of the cities many gorgeous canals. Nikolaifleet was named after St. Nicholas’ Church. It was built in 1189, and fun fact: it was the tallest building in the world from 1874 to 1876. We named the hotel Nikolai as a tribute to both Hamburg’s past and present.


Berlin’s Sir Savigny is located close to Savignyplatz, a square in the heart of Berlin’s literary quarter, Charlottenburg. Friedrich Karl von Savigny (1779 – 1861) was a groundbreaking German law theorist and historian, and the square was named after him. We named the hotel Savigny as a tribute to the local culture and history.


Barcelona’s Sir Victor gets its name from the novelist, playwright and poet Victor Català, the pseudonym of Caterina Albert i Paradís (1869-1966). She changed the game for women writers and defined Catalonia’s Modernisme literary movement. As a nod to her, you'll find libraries in the lobby and in the guest rooms that exclusively feature books by women authors or stories that have women protagonists. Read more about her here.

Each hotel has a unique illustration, too. Learn the story behind each.