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Studio 2+

If Studio 2 isn’t big enough for you, how about Studio 2+? It’s Studio 2 plus an extra corner space, measuring at 74 square meters total. Think of the possibilities…
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Whether you’re hosting a formal presentation or want to swing from the metaphorical chandelier, we’ll help you pick the ideal setup.

  • Theater

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    When you want to give a more formal presentation to a group and you want their undivided attention, Theater is your best bet. This simple setup has rows of seating facing the front of the room for your adoring audience.

    Up to 80 people.

  • Boardroom

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    The classic meeting setup: a large central table with surrounding chairs, perfect for discussing important matters as a group. You could use your office’s conference room, or you could have a lot more fun at Sir.

    Up to 38 people.

  • U-Shape

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    Want to get a group together and lead them in a brainstorm? This more casual setup is ideal. This option can accommodate up to 34 seated guests.

    Up to 34 people.

  • Classroom

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    Like going back to school, but a lot more fun because it’s at Sir. We’ll set up rows of rectangular tables with seats facing the front of the room, and we’ll leave the teaching to you.

    Up to 32 people.

  • Cabaret


    Life is a cabaret. A collection of tables that have a view on the speaker, ideal for interactive presentations and sessions that break out into smaller groups.

    Up to 43 people.

  • Reception


    Let your hair down. This more informal setup is for parties and events where people want to walk around, let loose and mingle.

    Up to 90 people.


  • Natural daylight

  • View of the IJ

  • Unlimited coffee bar

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Stationary, office supplies

  • Available in all set-up

  • 74 square meters

  • 14.8 m x 5 m x 3 m

  • Disco & karaoke elevators

  • Beamer

  • Flatscreen television

  • Writeable walls

  • Record player (extra)

  • Fridge with soft drinks (extra)

  • Bikes upon availability (extra)


Please fill out the request form and our team wil get back to you as soon as possible with more information. If you have any urgent questions, please feel free to contact us directly at: + 31 (0) 20 215 95 00

Hybrid Meetings & Live Stream Studios

We also offer setups for hybrid meetings and live stream meetings. For a custom booking, email groupdesk.nl@sirclecollection.com or call +31(0)20 710 72 71 and we will set you up with whatever you need.


The Studios are packed with all the essentials you need, like a flat screen television and beamers. Just connect your mobile device, MacBook or iPad to the system for a presentation or video conference.

Food & Drinks

In the foyer, you’ll find cookies, sweets, healthy bars, nibbles and a fridge filled with drinks. When it’s time to eat, we can hook you up with a menu from THE BUTCHER Social Club, our in-house destination for those four important “Bs” (burger, booze, beer, breakfast).

Want to combine your meeting with catering? Ask us about the possibilities.

Group Hotel Room Reservations

Want to make it a party at Sir Adam? If you want to book more than 10 rooms, email us at groupdesk.nl@sirclecollection.com or send us a request


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