A Love Letter to Spain

Your next holiday awaits you in Ibiza and Barcelona. Get ready to welcome a new season of love and abundance, connection and escapism. Watch the full video now.



Situated prominently in the center of Ibiza, Sir Joan is an intimate retreat that reflects the island’s vibrant culture and sensuality. This free-spirited yet modern hotel embraces any and all—from party hoppers to bohemian recluses.


Set just off of Passeig de Gràcia—Barcelona’s grand, humming shopping boulevard—and a few doors down from Gaudí’s masterpiece Casa Milà, Sir Victor reflects and amplifies the vibrant, creative spirit of the city.

An Ode to Spain

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Voice and words by María Baños

Founder of the Creative Studio Grado and the female Art Movement Muses of Now, one of María's missions is ‘to move the industry forward’ strongly believing that art, humans and nature are the key intersection towards our collective evolution. She currently spends her time between New York City and Barcelona.