The Sir Joan x Ibosim Beer

Introducing our very own beer in Ibiza.

Ibosim Craft Beers, Ibiza’s sole brewery, collaborated with us on a custom beer for our island retreat, Sir Joan. They make their beers in their own workshop in Port des Torrent and strive to create honest beers inspired by the Mediterranean region. With their expertise, we wanted to create a special beer that captures the magical spirit of the island and Sir Joan, and we think we did just that.

Now available at Sir Joan, our very own Weissbier with orange and lemon aromas and just the right amount of hops. It’s a smooth and balanced beer measuring at 5% alcohol, perfect for sipping in the sun by our pool.

Next time you visit us at Sir Joan, be sure to get your hands on a bottle.


Sir Joan Weissbier Ibosim