Terms & Conditions

Sir Hotels Turns 10! Win Big
These terms and conditions are applicable to the promotional campaign “Sir 10 Year Anniversary” (the “Giveaway”) of Sircle Collection B.V., a private company with limited liability incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, registered with the Dutch Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 34369785 and with its offices at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 271, 1012 RL, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (“Sircle Collection”).

Conditions for participation

This Giveaway can be won by a participant in the campaign. If the prize is won by the winning participant (“the Winner”), the Winner will be awarded five hotel rooms in a Sir Hotel of their choice for two nights for a maximum of two people per room (so ten people in total), including breakfast and an organized party, all valued at approximately EUR 4.000, --. For participation of this Giveaway a minimum age of 18 years is required.

You can participate in this Giveaway for free. In order to participate it is required to register yourself as a member of Sircle Club or follow the instructions on the website if you are already a member. The acceptance and use of the Giveaway and the associated prizes will be fully at the risk of the participants.

By participating in this Giveaway, you agree with these Terms & Conditions and with the applicability hereof to your participation.

Set-up Giveaway

The Giveaway will go online on the website(s) and social media of Sircle Collection on 17 October 2023, 10:00 CET. Sircle Club members will have early access to the giveaway and are able to participate from 11 October, 10:00 CET onwards. Everybody will be able to participate in this Giveaway until 31 October 2023, 23:59 CET.

On 03 November 2023 a winner of The Giveaway will be chosen by Sircle Collection by random draw. Sircle Collection will announce the Winner of The Giveaway on the same day on its website(s) and social media. Sircle Collection may request for additional information/footage about the participant for promotional activities to be shared on the website and/or social media.

The results of the draw will be final and not subject to debate.

Prize and conditions Giveaway

The Winner of the Giveaway will win the following prize:

- 5 hotel rooms for a maximum of 2 nights for a maximum of 2 guests per room (including breakfast) in any Sir Hotel of their choice (worth approximately EUR 2.500,--), valid for 1 year;

- A pre-party during their stay, organized by the hotel that includes drinks, snacks and entertainment/music (worth approximately EUR 1.500,--)

After the Winner is announced, an agreement will be drawn up between the Winner and Sircle Collection. After this agreement is signed, the hotel reservations must be consumed within 12 months. After this deadline, the prize will no longer be valid. For the sake of clarity, the 12-month period starts immediately after the agreement is signed between the Winner and Sircle Collection and cannot be extended.

The Winner should be aware of the fact that all rooms in all of the hotels are always subject to availability and that reservations should be made in advance with our booking office. Furthermore, the Winner is aware that blackout dates apply to the Giveaway. Blackout dates are dates when travel rewards and other special discounts/promotions are not available. On these dates it’s not possible for the Winner to make a reservation.

The 2 hotel nights for the 5 hotel rooms can only be reserved one time and at the same time. Therefore, it’s not possible to make two separate reservations of one night.

If the Winner does not claim the prize within due time, Sircle Collection reserves the right to cancel the prize and select a new prize winner for the Giveaway.

In case the Winner provides incorrect information and the Giveaway can therefore not be granted to the prize winner, Sircle Collection cannot be held liable for this in any way whatsoever.

Publicity and promotional activities

When participating in this Giveaway, you will cooperate fully in publicity and promotional activities in respect of the Giveaway. Participants of the Giveaway will not be entitled to any compensation for cooperating in promotional activities.

The Winner hereby gives explicitly consent to the use of his/her/their name(s) and image(s) by Sircle Collection and its subsidiaries and affiliate companies, in marketing materials, newsletters and on websites and social media.

Content submitted by participants

For participating in this Giveaway, the Winner will have to submit personal information, such as first name, last name, email addresses, phone number, address details and birthday (the “Submitted Content”). You hereby declare that the Submitted Content does not infringe any (intellectual property) rights of third parties and that the Submitted Content is not offensive, racist, discriminatory or otherwise contrary to public morality. Sircle Collection expressly reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or delete any Submitted Content if the Submitted Content is in breach of the foregoing.

You indemnify and hold harmless Sircle Collection for any third party claims regarding any infringements of their (intellectual property) rights caused by the Submitted Content in relation to the Giveaway, as well as all associated costs and damages.

By uploading the Submitted Content in relation to the Giveaway, you declare that you assign the intellectual property rights and/or comparable rights to Sircle Collection, without any compensation in return. You irrevocably and unconditionally waive your personality rights relating to the Submitted Content in relation to the Giveaway (if any), to the extent permitted by law.

All copyrights and all other intellectual property rights of the text, images and other materials on the Sircle Collection websites in relation to the Giveaway belong to Sircle Collection. The content of this Giveaway may not be multiplied or published without the explicit written consent of Sircle Collection.

Personal data and privacy

The participants of the Giveaway are obliged to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information. Participants that provide Sircle Collection with inaccurate or incomplete personal data, will not be eligible for winning the prizes of the Giveaway.

The personal data you share with Sircle Collection within the context of this Giveaway, will be processed by Sircle Collection for marketing purposes and purposes of organizing and executing the Giveaway. These personal data are processed in accordance with Sircle Collection’s Privacy Notice. Click here to consult Sircle Collection’s Privacy Notice.

In case of any complaints or questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can contact Manon van Keeken on manon.vankeeken@sirclecollection.com. Sircle Collection will aim to respond to any complaints or question within 14 days.

Liability Sircle Collection

Sircle Collection and its affiliated companies cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of any information provided by Sircle Collection. Sircle Collection cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect consequential damages resulting from the Giveaway.

Sircle Collection is not responsible for any accidents, late deliveries, damages or (additional costs), of whatever nature, resulting from the Giveaway, the promotion of the Giveaway, or resulting from the prizes of the Giveaway. Sircle Collection does not have any responsibility as regards the offers, services and/or products of any preferred partners or any other third parties directly or indirectly involved in the Giveaway.


Sircle Collection expressly reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions, the terms of the Giveaway and/or prize(s) or to prematurely terminate the Giveaway at is sole discretion, without being obliged to pay compensation for any damages or losses to the participants of the Giveaway.

Sircle Collection expressly reserves the right to exclude any fraudulent or unlawful submissions or Submitted Content from participating in this Giveaway.

The prizes of this Giveaway are person-related, non-transferable to any other person and not exchangeable for money or any other compensation.

The Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance (Gedragscode Promotionele Kansspelen) applies to this Giveaway. Sircle Collection acts in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

The Giveaway and these Terms & Conditions are governed by Dutch law. Any disputes arising or resulting from the Giveaway and these Terms & Conditions will exclusively be brought before the competent courts of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In case of any complaints or questions regarding the Giveaway, you can contact Manon van Keeken on manon.vankeeken@sirclecollection.com. Sircle Collection will aim to respond to any complaints or question within 14 days.