Our Wellness & Beauty Friends

We've curated a list of local friends who will help you relax and reset in the comfort of your own hotel room. Each has their own specialty, from hairstyling to ayurvedic massages. Find them all below, and get in touch with them to schedule an appointment once you've booked your hotel room in Amsterdam.


The New Parlour Facialist

With a passion for skin wellness, Marieke believes in beauty treatments that address the skin holistically, where the focus is on skin health and self-care, all to create radiance from the inside out. She focuses on innovative yet ancient non-invasive techniques such as facial cupping, lymph drainage, sculptural face lifting, and Japanese and Ayurvedic facial massage.

Treatment info

Marieke's signature facial Harmonize is fusing Japanese massage techniques and tools from Ayurveda and shiatsu. A rejuvenating combination of massage, facial cupping, and lymph drainage improves blood circulation, calms the nervous system, and stimulates lymphatic flow to detoxify deeply and contour the face. Created in synergy with the organic skincare line Sublime Oils, this treatment helps to bring more nutrients and oxygen to the skin, stimulates collagen production, and creates an overall lifting effect.


Treatments starting from €250.


Inner Care Healing Therapist

Sophia is a body orientated psychotherapist, breath worker and energy healer. She calls her work Inner Care as it is about taking care of our inner reality, our thoughts, the way we perceive life and how we feel ourselves. By bringing awareness to those, we can transform our way of being to open to a healthier and more loving stance towards ourselves and life as a whole. In her practice she works with a range of therapeutic and somatic models, meditation, inquiry and breathwork techniques to connect you with the natural intelligence of the body/mind, allowing you to integrate these corrective experiences on a cellular level.

Treatment info

Sophia will take you on a healing breathwork and meditation journey. Creating a safe space of care and compassion, the sessions are a deep dive into the subconscious bringing up what wants to be seen, released and integrated. By speaking and tuning in with you she will provide a unique experience for your specific needs. This can range from working with relaxation, inner connection, focus, letting go, vitality boost or resetting your system. The sessions will leave you feeling resourced, refreshed and in touch with your essence.


Treatments starting from €150.


Master Hair Stylist

As owner and founder of Scandal{e} Hair Studio, Norberto is our most stylish friend with many years of experience as an international hairstylist. Instead of following trends, Norberto’s main goal is to form a dialogue with you to create a hairstyle that suits you perfectly. He works magic creating trends.

Treatment info

Ever present in the assembly of elements, Norberto creates unique and uncompromising beauty with a rebellious twist: Beautiful, high-quality and cutting edge. Norberto offers the highest quality hair care service and products.


Treatments starting from €110.

Get in Touch

+31 (0)6 25 36 84 89


Ayurveda Yogi & Marma Therapist

Canadian-born, Amsterdam-raised Victoria lets you discover a world of yoga and marma therapy through the lens of Ayurveda. In a light-spirited manner, yet sticking to the authentic teachings of yoga, Victoria uses the wisdom of Ayurveda in her yoga classes for students to experience spiritual access through physical practice.

Treatment info

Victoria teaches various classes, all that are as challenging as they are nourishing. Strengthening yet softening, her classes bring you to a place within yourself where you have direct experience with finding both strength and softness, where all opposites become balanced. Victoria also offers Marma Therapy, an ancient and beautiful system of treatment coming from the Vedic wisdom which allows you to access, release and heal the physical and emotional body.


Treatments starting from €100.


Nail Tech Artisan

The Amsterdam-based manicurist Romée is our nail tech artisan who works her magic, from a simple, well-groomed manicure to over-the-top nail art, finding the best fit for any client. Simply put, she wants to make your hands as pretty as possible.

Treatment info

Romée is known for working towards healthy nails and skin. In her treatments, she touches the skin and nail-bed as little as possible to optimize the quality of the natural nail. Working with only vegan and cruelty-free gel products, both for single-color manicure and extensions. Treatments include single-color gel polish, BIAB treatment and both Après-nail and Hardgel extensions.


Starting from price: €50.



Stacey, former fashion industry creative turned wellbeing guru will explain the healing properties of sound and help you discover a deep state of relaxation like you've never experienced before.

Treatment info

Stacey will take you on a healing journey with sound and a vibrational massage. Tibetan singing bowls played both around and on your body massage you from the inside with their vibrations. She will also use tuning forks on the body to add to the sonic massage experience. Also expect additional relaxing and healing sounds, such as drums, chimes, kalimba and the gong. (Not recommended during pregnancy.)


Treatments starting from €250 for 75 minutes.