September on The Rooftop at Sir Victor

Groove to the best local DJs by the pool on The Rooftop at Sir Victor, our hideaway above Barcelona. And don’t miss the pitch-perfect food and drink menu inspired by the city.

5 September

Sir Live: Arnau Sabaté

Arnau Sabaté is an avid crate digger and record collector. He spends all his salary digging in crates around the globe. His priorities are experimental Iberian gems including psych folk, wave, ambient and electronica, but he likes groovy Balearic tunes as well. In fact, this is what he normally plays when he DJs in public spaces, priorizing groovy downtempo obscurities. He works as a booking agent for Primavera Sound Festival and has a monthly radio show at Dublab Barcelona (Onda Clamato) and Radio Primavera (Radio Flea). He also writes about music, DJs sporadically and love cats.

6 September

Sir Live: Tropical Fridays with Frozen Habana

A compilation of tropical rythms, from boogaloo to Latin jazz, as well as all the hot beats from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Enjoy the Latin beats.

7 September

Sir Live: Doc Moods

Some people say Martinho Nunes, a.k.a. Dr Moods, is one of the most effective DJs on the dance floor. He has a Cape Verdean background, was born outside Lisbon and now based in Barcelona. At the age of 17, he move to London and start DJing in house parties and compose music for fashion shows and commercials. After London, he moved to Brooklyn, NY, where he started putting together mega-mixes of old disco hits with new drum-machine percussion for an appreciative audience at crucial clubs and VIP private events. After a few years in New York, he decided to move back to Europe, and Barcelona was his destination. Here is where he founded HOUSE MUSIC ESSENTIALS, a critically acclaimed podcast with a huge following. Dr Moods has his own perspective on electronic music by being intensively pure and open to any genre.

10 September

The Wine Alphabet by Nika Shevela

For people around the world, France is synonymous with wine, bringing to mind old vines, crumbling gîtes, tradition and terroir. In this special tasting at The Rooftop at Sir Victor, we’ll be exploring some of the timeless references from well-established producers as well as some lesser-known but equally chic wines from up-and-coming winemakers and regions.

Wine Alphabet is a wine communication, events and consultancy platform founded in Barcelona by Nika Shevela, certified Spanish wine expert, restaurant consultant and wine communicator with over 10 years experience in tourism and hospitality in the city. Wine Alphabet brings the world of wine to oenophiles and specialists alike, one letter at a time.

Tickets must be purchased ahead of the event, and are not refundable due to very limited availability: Book here.

12 September

Sir Live: Beeeast

Anthropologist of noise, riding his camel through the odd dunes of old and rare grooves; a selection of refreshing Mediterranean drinks made of whatever derivates from or anticipates disco, synthetic and organic, from all over the world.

13 September

Sir Live: Tropical Fridays with Tamarindo

Come for a compilation of tropical rhythms, from boogaloo to Latin jazz, as well as all the hot beats from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Enjoy the Latin beats.

14 September

Sir Live: Johann Wald

Johann Wald has been selecting music for more than 15 years as a VJ for MTV as well as numerous TV and radio channels. He currently produces and hosts an array of shows on Radio Primavera Sound. His personal DJ style has always focused on mid-tempo carpet-floor grooves and well-known guilty pleasures for the cabriolet set, '80s synth pop being one of his deepest love-affairs.

19 September

Sir Live: Bonnie Parker

Born in Barcelona, Bonnie Parker moved to London in 1992. In 1998, began his wanderings with his partner-in-crime, creating the DJ-duo Bonnie & Clyde. Since then, she has developed as an experienced crowd reader and has evolved into an expert of matching the crowd demand with a vast knowledge on all-time sounds, being able to go from very commercial tracks to vintage classic. She gives an edge to the standard DJ sets, which makes for a very unique DJ set. Because what’s important is to see what the public demands without being predictable.

20 September

Sir Live: Tropical Fridays with Daddy Panda

Daddy Panda has more than 15 years of experience as a selector and brings us a cocktail of rhythms and styles. His sounds range from the early music of the African continent to the futuristic rhythms of the most current electronic avant-garde, including any sound related to bass heritage of the Jamaican culture as well as Latin and tropical rhythms.

21 September

Sir Live: Big Mic

The story of Big Mic goes back to a childhood surrounded by music. His greatest passion soon becomes a profession at Verdes Records store in Barcelona, where he would be both a store manager and a DJ. From then on, he was a regular of electronic music booths in the early '90s, going further into other styles. The sessions conveyed by soul, funk, broken beat, jazz, down beat and more transport the audience through sound on a stimulating journey. Big Mic is an intrinsic part of the history of the country's club culture, especially in Barcelona. In his passage through different national labels and distributors as head of vinyl, he has carried out an outstanding task of disseminating emerging artists in the field of new national and international trends. Inaugurated the saga of compilations of the Jockey Club of Ibiza, baptized as Las Salinas Sessions, whose reception and sale exceeded any expectation, signing four more volumes that consolidated their own sound.

26 September

Sir Live: Miscelánea

Miscelánea is a combination of tempo, sounds and feelings in each set. The passion for dance is the force behind her musical love and continuous research. Expect diversty throughout the entire evening.

27 September

Sir Live: Tropical Fridays with Sano

Born in the mountains of Colombia and now a resident of Barcelona, SANO is a DJ and music producer who grew up in the early underground music scene of Medellín and took part in the Cómeme action all over the world in 2011. His inspiration comes from street sounds in a deep relation with rawness and mysticism, which combined define his own sound. His music is part of the Cómeme catalog edited in various label compilations and solo releases. 2016 came with new and fresh sounds in two consecutive EPs: "Los Muchachos" released on his home label Cómeme and "Hasta Abajo" released in the Munich-based imprint Public Possession. His previous discography includes three records: "RIONEGRO" (2015), a collaborative project with Gladkazuka and Matías Aguayo that ended up in a double 12” that explores the future sound of salsa and other unheard rhythms; his debut LP self titled "SANO" (2013) that compiles a selection of different improvised recordings made in Colombia; the Latin house classic "Chupa!

28 September

Sir Live: Phoenix Rhae

Phoenix Rhae grew up in Amsterdam, the birthplace of numerous international DJs. Her career in entertainment began at an early age as a dancer. Back then, she was a student attending the Academy of the Arts by day and hitting the clubs by night. After travelling the world for years as a dancer, Phoenix decided to pursue her dream to become a DJ. Her first gig was at a radio show at AMW.FM and quickly became a co-host for the station. The club gigs came soon after and things went off from there. Heavily influenced by the sounds of the nineties, her music style is characterized by a mix of different styles, such as '90s house and groovy techno. Her sets are known for their build-ups, surprises and unexpected twists. Phoenix Rhae is now based in Barcelona.