May on The Rooftop at Sir Victor

Join us on top of Barcelona for music sessions from our favorite artists. On the lineup: Ari Up!, Tamarindo, Miscelánea, Virginie and more.

15 May

Ari Up!

Ari Up! is a journalist and our very own 'Digging for Vinyl' Sir Explore host. In addition to directing Good2b, she has acted as a selector in venues such as Marula or Razzmatazz and at festivals such as Primavera Sound or Faraday.

17 May


Art direction and music are Tamarindo’s (Radio C/C) two biggest passions. You can see her capacity to imagine and recreate scenes when she prepares her set. Expect a cohesive journey through eclecticism.

18 May


Miscelánea (Radio C/C) is a combination of tempo, sounds and feelings in each set. The passion for dance is the force behind her musical love and continuous research. Expect diversity throughout the entire evening.

23 May


As the daughter of a musician, it makes total sense that Virginie (Radio C/C) started collecting vinyls since her early childhood. Her extensive collection has nothing but the best soul, funk, hip hop and, of course, house. Let this wonderful selector leave you wondering which trick she will pull next.

24 May


Katmandü’s (Radio C/C) passion and curiosity for rare, hypnotic and weird music without limitations in genres or areas could be described as the sun and the moon—one embraces the more mystical, darker and abstract sounds, the other one seeks the more vivid and happy energy, but both coexist in absolute harmony.

25 May

Laura Preminger

With musical roots from hip-hop and nu-soul, Laura Preminger collects soul music from shades and will offer a selection from different eras. In addition to organizing the soul night "Miss Preminger Got Soul" and "Girls On Tracks" in her city, Toulouse, France, her records could also be heard in Bilbao, Hamburg, Paris, Stockholm, Melbourne, Sydney and Barcelona, where she currently resides. Her appearances on Radio C/C (Shades’ radio show) focused more on contemporary soul sounds.

30 May

Arnau Obiols

Barcelona native Arnau Obiols has more than enough residencies under his belt to ensure quality on any of his mixes. Starting years ago at the celebrated local club Razzmatazz, it wasn’t long before Obiols was invited to hold another residency at Apolo and even overseas at London’s classy The Scotch of St. James. How did he do it? His highly danceable disco-house sets peppered by vintage funk and soul records might just be the secret.

31 May

Frozen Habana

Frozen Habana (Radio C/C) brings a compilation of tropical rhythms, from boogaloo to Latin jazz, as well as all the hot beats from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

1 June

Guille de Juan

Guille de Juan (Curtis Audiophile Cafe) brings a celebration of playfulness and good old fun through music and dance.