June on The Rooftop at Sir Victor

Join us on top of Barcelona for music sessions from our favorite artists. On the lineup: MboDj, Troya, Doc Moods, Mia Margetic and more.

1 June

Sir Live: Guille de Juan

Guille de Juan (Curtis Audiophile Cafe) brings a celebration of playfulness and good old fun through music and dance.

7 June

Sir live: MboDJ

Maguette is a Barcelona music selector in love with cosmic hip hop, future R&B, ambient and electronic, among others. Her selections aim to take listeners to a space where they can discover unusual sounds.

8 June


Growing up in the province of Milan, Marvu discovered turntablism at age 16. He then began to dedicate himself to the search of vinyl of any genre. At 21 he began his career as a DJ, first at the Conservatorio di Como and later at ESMUC in Barcelona. He has been with the SubwaxBcn record label for 5 years now, and he DJs every weekend in different venues across Barcelona, including acting as the resident DJ of the In Treatment Party collective. Together with his friend Nicky Slim, he runs the project Playing 4 Love, which is a weekly party and radio program on Radio C/C.

13 June


Born in Sevilla, her numerous travels around the world contributed to her curiosity for sounds and cultures. She loves to research the origin of sounds, which she displays in her music sets.

14 June


T-Bird calls Sitges home, but he is originally from Santa Monica, CA. He has been a DJ/producer for over 25 years and spins all over the US, UK and Europe. He has two radio shows, Something Else! (over 10 years old) and Vibe Select (with co-host RD). His group, Los Chicos Altos, has made tracks (originals and remixes) for well-known labels: Wonderwheel & Fort Knox (USA), Katakana (DE), Warner (ES), UrbanWorld (DK) and more. T-Bird says "I play electronic, global and even some rock—but have my own sound: quality music to enjoy."

15 June


His musical path began at an early age, first as a self-trained bass player and later through experimenting with tape recorders and different recording techniques. Over the years, his sound has been increasingly influenced by electronic music. It was at this stage that he decided to replace conventional instruments with sequencers and sound synthesis. Currently based in Barcelona, Blanali's work has been influenced by his recent local collaborations, and his DJ sets cover a broad musical spectrum that goes from jazz to disco with a lot of world music influences.

20 June


As the daughter of a musician, it makes total sense that Virginie (Radio C/C) started collecting vinyls since her early childhood. Her extensive collection has nothing but the best soul, funk, hip hop and, of course, house. Let this wonderful selector leave you wondering which trick she will pull next.

21 June

Doc Slump

Behind Doc Slump alias we can find Uri, a DJ from the local underground scene. He swings between different styles, from breakbeat to Italo disco, but always uses funk as the beat conductor.

22 June

Doc Moods

Some people say Martinho Nunes, a.k.a. Dr Moods, is one of the most effective DJs on the dance floor. He has a Cape Verdean background, was born outside Lisbon and now based in Barcelona. At the age of 17, he move to London and start DJing in house parties and compose music for fashion shows and commercials. After London, he moved to Brooklyn, NY, where he started putting together mega-mixes of old disco hits with new drum-machine percussion for an appreciative audience at crucial clubs and VIP private events. After a few years in New York he decided to move back to Europe and Barcelona was his destination. Here is where he founded HOUSE MUSIC ESSENTIALS, a critically acclaimed podcast with a huge following. Dr Moods has his own perspective on electronic music by being intensively pure and open to any genre. With almost ten years of experience as a DJ, Moods has headlined some of the most prestigious events in club culture to date and continues to define rather than follow musical trends. Dr Moods is now fully dedicated to his two new projects: Mothership-lab and Undiscovered Inc.

27 June

Mia Margetic

After 10 years in London managing the careers of award-winning, internationally recognized artists such as Little Boots, S U R V I V E and Roosevelt, Mia now lives in Barcelona, where she spends her time consulting for artists and labels, producing and programming music events, hosting regular DubLab radio shows @shesaidso.spain and @est88radio, as well as occasionally spinning records at your local bar and throwing plates on the potter’s wheel. But not all simultaneously, obviously. That would be crazy.

28 June

Javi Verdes

Since he founded Verdes Records back in 1988, Javier is partly responsible for the last 30 years of music and culture initiatives in the city of Barcelona. He owns one of the biggest and most priceless vinyl collections, which he uses to deliver sets of amazing quality. A living legend.

29 June

DJ Panko

Panko is a musician trained artist. As a member of the band “Ojos de Brujo” he pioneered the fusion of flamenco and electronic beats which lead them to numerous awards as the “Latin Grammy” and “BBC 3”. An exlposive mix of sounds in the hands of an alquemist .