July on The Rooftop at Sir Victor

Join us on The Rooftop at Sir Victor for great bites, even better cocktails and jams by Arnau Obiols, Satta. B, Dani Setti and more.

4 July

Sir Live: Arnau Obiols

Barcelona native Arnau Obiols has more than enough residencies under his belt to ensure quality on any of his mixes. Starting years ago at the celebrated local club Razzmatazz, it wasn’t long before Obiols was invited to hold another residency at Apolo and even overseas at London’s classy The Scotch of St. James. How did he do it? His highly danceable disco-house sets peppered by vintage funk and soul records might just be the secret.

5 July

Sir Live: Tropical Fridays with Sonido Tupinamba

Sonido Tupinamba will be in charge of spreading tropical vibes to Friday, 5 July. She is a music curator, DJ and radio host at Dublab and Radio Primavera Sound. Founder of Poly-Rythmo Club and resident DJ at Glove Party, she has shared her taste and skills in music temples such as Pikes Ibiza, Nitsa Barcelona and in renowned festivals such as Glastonbury (England), Pohoda (Slovakia), BUE (Argentina), Soundeat, Mutek and Aperitius del Primavera Sound (Barcelona, Spain).

6 July

Sir Live: Satta. B (Palm Grease)

Matt "Satta.B" Bovey is bridger of gaps when it comes to his musical spectrum. He was raised in Bristol, where he spend years listening, playing and collecting roots and dub-wise records. He has always had an open mind when it comes to crossover in electronic dub and techy sounds. Recently he joined forces with Palm Grease—a four-person party collective in Barcelona that throws monthly nights and mixes anything from dub to African.

11 July

Sir Live: Frozen Habana (Radio C/C)

A compilation of tropical rythms, from boogaloo to Latin jazz, as well as all the hot beats from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Enjoy the Latin beats.

12 July

Sir Live: Tropical Fridays with Edu Domingo (Movin´on)

Edu has been running Movin On, the longest running Barcelona soul party, for 17 years now, and he's also been a usual suspect of the DJ booths of Spain's black music clubs for the last twenty years. Also, he's been lucky enough to be able to play some records at European soul clubs and weekends such as 100 Club, Va Va Boom, Inner City Soul (London), Hip City (Berlin), Uptight (Frankfurt), Different Strokes (Manchester), Radcliffe (Manchester) Soulshakers (Bamberg), Function (Malmoe), Tuff Love (Liverpool) Oslo Soul Experience, Stockholm Soul Weekender and In the name of Soul (St Petersburg). Besides of all that, he's also a black music journalist and record dealer.

13 July

Sir Live: Adrian Loving

Adrian Loving is a noted contemporary art and music historian, visual artist, DJ and entrepreneur. Over the course of his 20-year career, Loving has curated art exhibitions and public programming at various museums and cultural institutions, including the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art (NMAFA), The National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Art and Corcoran Gallery of Art, among many others.

18 July

Sir Live: Emma Dowuon-Hammond

A reflection of her Finnish and Ghanaian roots, Londoner Emma Dowuona-Hammond's music taste has many influences, though you're more likely to hear her play house, hip hop, funk and electronic music. Forever passionate about music, she is also on the verge of launching the Middle Passage Festival focused on black music and culture.

19 July

Sir Live: Tropical Fridays with Tamarindo (Radio C/C)

Tamarindo will be in charge of this edition of Tropical Fridays, and you can expect a cohesive jorney through eclecticism. Her two biggest passions in life are art direction and music. When she prepares a set, she taps into her ability to imagine and recreate scenes.

20 July

Sir Live: Diego Gamez

Diego is a venezuelan DJ/producer. His unique take on house and techno reflects the world arround him and his personal journey through music. He translates his own feelings and thoughts about life into music.

25 July

Sir Live: Jacob Daniels

Blending beats since the nineties, Manchester-born DJ Jacob Daniels digs deep into his extensive collection of soul, funk, hip hop and afrobeat.

26 July

Sir Live: Tropical Fridays with Dani Setti

This tropical journey will be lead by Dani Setti. Funny Ways of Dancing is a project by Daniel Setti (formerly known as Le Cheval), a Brazilian DJ, drummer, music programmer, journalist, palindromist and occasional mash-upper/lo-fi producer resident in Barcelona since 2006. In each session, he investigates a different sound concept, trying to make sense of the different sound bits that inhabit it. Incorporating soul, Brazilian, Afro, kraut, psychedelic and post-punk, anything is likely to appear in his sets.

27 July

Sir Live: Mëther & Zacker

Mëther & Zacker sessions are nourished mainly by black music and organic rhythms, from disco-funk to hip-hop. Their musical trips often go accross the lush forest of genres enclosed within dance music, always in search of fun and unbridled dancing.