Introducing Sir Explore Barcelona

The Barcelona edition of our experience service is now here.

Now that Barcelona’s Sir Victor is officially open, it’s time to get out and explore the city. Introducing the Barcelona edition of Sir Explore, our service that connects you to our expert local friends for one-of-a-kind adventures. Our goal is to show you a unique side of the city, help you learn something new and turn your trip into an adventure. Check out the new experiences.

Digging for Vinyl

An expedition to Barcelona’s oldest and trendiest record stores with vinyl expert Ari.

Buildings That Speak

An ‘off-the-grid’ tour of some of Barcelona’s lesser-known Modernisme architectural masterpieces that are hidden in plain sight with design experts Suzanne Wales and Brian Gallagher.

Wine Hunt

Get the inside scoop on the local wine scene with sommelier Nika Shevela.

Photography Stroll

Photographer Mahala Nuuk shows you hidden nooks of the city while capturing your adventure all on her camera.

A Culinary Adventure

Taste Spanish and Catalan specialties with food and travel connoisseur Marwa Preston as you explore the charming alleyways of Barcelona.

Sunrise Movement

Begin your day with a beautiful sunrise training on the beach with Martin Ekholm.

See you in Barcelona!