How to Do Amsterdam Art Weekend 2019

At Amsterdam’s Sir Albert and Sir Adam, we’re getting ready for Amsterdam Art Weekend—one of our favorite cultural events of the year in the city. Happening 21—24 November, art spaces all over Amsterdam exhibit their best shows of the year, and you’ll find every art genre you can imagine.

We're hosting 3 events this year:

Art Breakfast with photographer Vik Muniz

Sun., 24 November, 11:00, Sir Albert. RSVP here.

Art Brunch with director Robbie Schweiger

Sat., 23 November, 12:00, Sir Adam. RSVP here.

Ruinart Champagne pop-up store

The Sir Albert Studio, 21–24 November

To know the best of what else is going on, we talked with the organizers of Amsterdam Art Weekend. Scroll down to hear all their insider tips.

What makes Amsterdam Art Weekend so special?

Caroline van den Tempel, Director of Amsterdam Art:

What makes Amsterdam Art Weekend unique is that the very best contemporary art can be seen throughout the city during one festive weekend. Galleries, museums, small project spaces, private collections, residencies—everyone makes an effort to put on their best exhibition of the year, often with an in-depth program. During this weekend, you will experience how the "art chain" in the city works: from education to gallery to presentation institution to large museum. We have it all in Amsterdam, and we are proud of it!

Which events can we not miss this year?

Ilse Nicolaides, Program & Partnerships:

Like every year, the Rijksakademie Open Studios cannot be missed during Amsterdam Art Weekend. There, you can discover the latest trends in contemporary art by 46 upcoming artists. On Saturday night, Upstream Gallery will host an exciting event: BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer), where artist from around Amsterdam are invited to show their work on their own projectors. For the tech-art lovers, it’s a must-see. I am also looking forward to explore the Amsterdam Zuidoost area; the two new project-spaces CBK Zuidoost and OSCAM will show their exhibitions. In general, all the participating galleries have very interesting exhibitions!

What’s one insider tip about the weekend?

Isa Beelaerts van Blokland, VIP Relations & Communications:

Head to the galleries, as there will be some great exhibitions on show during AAW. Definitely check out Robin Rhode’s exhibition at Stevenson—the South African-based gallery that opened its doors this year. Loie Hollowel’s exhibition at GRIMM is a must-see as well. Make sure to stop by Sir Albert’s Studio, located in the Pijp neighborhood, if you fancy a glass of Ruinart champagne.

How do you make a strategy for the weekend?

Jolien Klitsie, Marketing, Communications & VIP Relations:

Head to and click on the “My Selection” symbol in the top right-hand corner. Log-in with Facebook or send yourself a magic link; each item that you select from the program will now be saved for you, ensuring that you don’t miss any of your favorite exhibitions or events!

What art museums or resources do you recommend exploring after the weekend?

The Amsterdam Art Team:

We understand if you don’t have time to visit all 28 gallery exhibitions in one weekend, but luckily many of them will run until Christmas! Copies of the Amsterdam Art Calendar are available at all participating venues—pick one up during Amsterdam Art Weekend and check out what else is going on in the month of December.

Join us at Sir: