The History Behind Sir Albert

As you might have already figured out by our diamond Albert pin, Sir Albert is closely linked to the diamond industry and has some amazing history. Here’s a little history lesson on Sir Albert’s iconic building on the Albert Cuypstraat.

It all began at the end of the 19th century when the van Kampfraath family first constructed the building. They split the space between a diamond-cutting factory and their personal residence. Years later, the van Moppes family took over the factory and continued on the business. We dug into the archives and found this great video about the factory’s history:

In 2005, we got our hands on the building and made it our first official Sir hotel. You can still see traces of the diamond-cutting factory in the building’s architectural details. For example, the building’s big windows were specifically designed to get as much light into the building as possible so that the diamond cutters would have optimal lighting conditions to cut diamonds by hand. And fun fact: the bridge adjacent to the building is named Diamond Bridge in honor of this rich history.

See you at Sir Albert!