Our Home Wine Tasting Guide

While we can't dine out quite like we used to, we have an idea for something you can do at home with your quarantine crew: a home wine tasting. Our friends and Sir Explore hosts at Chateau Amsterdam gave us the six simple things to keep in mind to make it a full-bodied experience.


It’s not only about what’s standing on the table, but also who is sitting around the table determines the experience. Wine is best experienced with friends, family, people you care about.


Buy a bottle of which you know the story. This story takes your guests on an adventure before the bottle is opened. You prefer to buy something from a producer who takes care of his land, fruit and the people around him. One that works in a sustainable way and whose wine is a reflection of its living environment and its view on life itself.


Wine is enjoyed with attention. Uncorking the bottle is a party in itself. The popping cork and the sloshing sound of the pouring out of the wine should already bring a small smile to your face.

“The greatest philosopher is often standing on top of the table."


Slow down, take your time, be attentive. Wine is a multi-sensory experience. Please first consider the visual properties of what is in the glass. Take a good look. What color do you see, can you see through the crowd, is the wine clear or cloudy, does it turn syrupy or rather light? If necessary, tilt the glass against a white background for a clearer view.


Use your nose. Just put that nose deep into the glass and take a deep breath. Do you smell a lot or rather little? Can you describe what you smell? Perhaps hints of certain fruits or herbs? Wood, grass, earth? If you roll your glass a lot then more scents may come up (use the table roller if you don't want to wet the neighbor.)


Finally time to taste. Take a good sip and let the juice roll through your mouth. Do you experience certain sensations? Maybe you produce a lot of saliva? Or is the wine rather drying? Sticks to your tongue, gums or roof of your mouth, or is it smooth? Do you taste other things than you smell? And how long do you taste that after you swallow it? At Chateau Amsterdam we sometimes say: “The greatest philosopher is often standing on top of the table." If you repeat this step often enough, you will quickly find out what that means.

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