4 Questions for Barcelona’s Radio C/C

Get familiar with The Rooftop at Sir Victor’s amazing music programming partner.

If you want to know all about Barcelona’s current music scene, listen to Radio C/C. Started just a few years ago by a few passionate friends, the alternative digital radio station has developed into an influential platform for emerging and established local DJs. We’ve partnered up with Radio C/C to regularly bring Barcelona’s best DJs to our Rooftop at Sir Victor for Sir Live Sessions, where you can sip and groove as you overlook the city. We asked Radio C/C four quick questions to get you familiar.

What’s so special about the music scene in Barcelona?

I believe we have a very diverse scene in Barcelona. The main reason why we created Radio C/C was to give a platform for all artists that couldn’t find a place to play their music away from clubs and festivals.

What makes a Sir Live Session at The Rooftop unique to the scene?

The Rooftop itself is quite unique in the sense that you can sit down and stare at two of Gaudi’s icons, La Pedrera and La Sagrada Familia. What we are doing is delivering the eclecticism through freedom of expression in the Sir Live Sessions. Every day you can enjoy a different style of music.

Is there something in common between the DJs that you program for Sir Live Sessions?

What brings our artists together would be their unconditional love for music. At Radio C/C, we have always been in search of the music that DJs can’t normally play at clubs. Sir Live Sessions is the perfect scenario to share those amazing tracks.

What do you see for the future of Barcelona’s music scene?

It is difficult to predict, but my wish is for people to keep on expressing their feelings and sharing their stories through music.

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