3 Questions for Spiritual Teacher Aude Barras

Sir Joan, our magical Ibiza hideaway, is getting a little more magical this spring thanks to Aude Barras.

Spiritual teacher Aude Barras, the founder of The Intimacy Guide, is hosting the four-day spring retreat Awakening to Your Pleasure this May to help us find our way back to ourselves. We asked her a few questions about what we can expect.

What was the most revelatory moment someone’s had on one of your retreats?

I remember we were in the middle of practice when, in a moment of total elation, a woman expressed: “It all lies within me!” She burst into laughter and then continued: “Breath is everything. How could I have forgotten to breath for so long?”

You believe we should all have ‘sexual mastery’ of ourselves. When fully realized, what does that look like?

To be honest, I am not sure sexual mastery is ever fully realized; I see it as a practice. As you gain greater awareness of yourself, the practice deepens, and this is where the mastery lies. It is something you discover and it will accompany you for the rest of your life.

This is not about sex—it is about learning to connect with your inner wisdom and consciousness. Sexual energy is the most potent energy in existence. It is the pure force of creation, with the capacity to spark new life. Yet few of us remember the ability we have to harness this vitality for our own empowerment. As we allow ourselves to reconnect to this inherent power, we can begin to reclaim our sensuality for our own wellbeing.

What’s one thing we should all be doing and we should start tomorrow?

Every time we eat something sweet, we should delight in the pleasure entirely and totally. Instead of feeling guilty, we take ourselves into that pleasure state and imagine the sweetness will soak all of our words, thoughts and actions.

Awakening to Your Pleasure Retreat
9-12 May 2019
Sir Joan, Ibiza

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