3 Questions for Film Multi-talent Mo Asumang

To ring in this year’s Berlinale Film Festival, we hosted a Female Film Cocktail at Berlin’s Sir Savigny. The creme de la creme of Germany’s film scene mixed and mingled, but we were in awe of one attendee in particular. Mo Asumang is an acclaimed filmmaker, actress, TV presenter and now writer, well-known in Germany due to her brave documentary films and TV moderation. In recent years, she has dedicated her energy and many talents to creative activism in the realm of racism. We asked Asumang what moves her.

How does Berlin inspire your work?

As a writer and director, I try to speak and to listen to as many Berliners as I can, no matter who they are, whether it’s in subways, on benches or at parties. Most of all, it’s important to me to get out of my cozy comfort zone. That is extremely valuable and feeds my little writer’s “drama monster” inside.

What makes the German film scene special to you?

I really don’t know if our German film scene is more special than other so-called Western film scenes, like France, for example. In fact, we do have to work harder on our gender balance. I would say the Scandinavian countries are special. One thing I do like is that people see how we deal with our democracy, with our past. This makes these films credible. People trust us for that.

What political topics would you like to explore in the future and why?

Even if I am sometimes close to the edge with my passion concerning the fight against racism, I have to go on with that topic in film, books and panels. Since my grandmother was a typist at the Nazi SS, this is my duty. I feel not only me, but all Germans are somehow experts in how to protect society from fascism. Let’s stay strong and make more films to confront hatred.

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