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The Butcher

Kitchen & Bar
Sir Savigny‘s luxury boutique hotel features excellent burgers and fine regional dining thanks to THE BUTCHER Kitchen & Bar.

The Butcher

The heart of our restaurant is the open kitchen, where our chefs work their magic in full view of guests as well as the street. All meat served comes from Aberdeen, Scotland, and is of the highest quality. We love to offer tiny, extraordinary culinary surprises to awaken your senses.

Order your room service pick-up by giving us a call or come by in-person.


For events inquiries, please contact us at:

Phone: +49 (0) 30 323 015 673

Email: info@the-butcher.com


Mon-Thur 7.00-11.30 breakfast
Mon-Thur 17.00-23.00 dinner
Fri-Sun 7.00-11.00 breakfast
Fri-Sun 12.00-14.00 lunch
Fri-Sun 17.00-23.30 dinner

Last food orders can be placed an hour before closing.