Awakening to Your Pleasure

With Aude Barras
9-12 May 2019, Sir Joan, Ibiza

Ring in spring with a one-of-a-kind spiritual retreat at our Ibiza hideaway.

Find your way back to self-love, intimacy and sexual mastery with Aude Barras’ powerful teachings that bring together Taoism, Tantra and Shamanism. See the full schedule below.


  • Minimum 4, maximum 8
  • All women


  • €750 per person for a double room
  • €950 for a single room
  • Includes breakfast and welcome dinner
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Retreat Schedule:


  • 12:00–15:00: Arrival
  • 17:00–19:00: Opening circle and introduction to the 3 pillars of intimacy
  • 19:00–20:00: Welcome dinner
  • 20:00–22:00: Evening practice of Tandava Lassia


Inquiry is a tool for becoming intimate with your authentic self. Engaging in an internal dialogue generates a deep understanding of who you really are and what you long for. This inner wisdom is key to bridging the gap between your true essence and how you are living your life. In this section of the retreat, we will explore what you would like to liberate from your intimate life—and what you choose to invite in.

  • 08:00–09:30: Alchemy yoga
  • 09.30–10.30: Breakfast
  • 11:00–13:00: Inquiry teaching, including medicine wheel work and individual practice
  • 13:00–16:00: Lunch
  • 16:00–18:30: Group inquiry practice
  • 21:00: Evening practice


Self-love is a state of unconditional love, appreciation and acceptance for oneself. This is a dynamic practice that flourishes through actions that support our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It is about holding yourself as your own best lover and giving yourself permission to do the things you enjoy. Here we will learn unique tools for cultivating self-love in our daily lives.

  • 08:00–09.30: Qi gong practice
  • 09:30–10:30: Breakfast
  • 11:00–13:00: Qi management, cord cutting and individual practice
  • 13:00–16:00: Lunch
  • 16:00–18:30: Wheel of Consent teaching and group practice
  • 21:00: Evening practice


Sexual mastery is a practice of harnessing and cultivating your life-force energy. This is not about sex perse—it is about connecting with your inherent creative potential. Sexual mastery is a path to rediscovering who you really are: a sexual being with the power to create your own reality. Through this practice, we learn how to experience a life full of vibrancy, pleasure and abundance.

  • 08:00–09:30: Taoist feminine practice
  • 09.30–10.30: Breakfast
  • 11:00–13:00: Sexual mastery teaching, including the secret power of pleasure and individual practice
  • 13:00–14:00: Closing ceremony

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