Wine Alphabet: N for Natural with Nika Shevela

Event | 22 October | Barcelona
22 OCT

We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t all wine natural? Well, while the processes underpinning all winemaking have remained unchanged for thousands of years, the recent demand for mass- production, stability and standardization have led to the widespread use of additives in wines across the spectrum.

In response to this, a growing international natural wine movement seeks to make quality wines with as little intervention as possible. In this tasting, we’ll be exploring some of the leading examples from Spain’s natural wine community, a relatively recent, but increasingly important group within the international scene.

Among the spectacular wines, we’ll be sampling are the misleadingly named ‘Malas Uvas’ from the La Perdida bodega in Galicia's Valdeorras DO; where winemaker Nacho Gonzalez extends the bio-dynamic principals to old and abandoned vineyards - tending them back to health to result in wines imbued with love. We’ll also be heading inland to Castilla y Leon and the Microbio winery, which showcases the more funky and experimental side of natural wines, without sacrificing on complexity and depth.

As always, each wine will be paired with bites from the Sir Victor kitchen and will take place in the intimate and beautiful surroundings of the Study space.

Tickets must be purchased ahead of the event, and are not refundable due to very limited availability.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019
19:00 – 21:00
The Rooftop
Sir Victor
Carrer del Rosselló 265
Price: €42,90