Sir Retreats

Freeing Your (Full) Potential

With: Nina Fischer
When: 8 - 11 March

This transformational retreat by coach Nina Fischer is a journey for driven leaders and professionals willing to unleash the full potential of their body, mind and spirit.

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With: Steph Jaksch
When: 15 - 18 March

Join acclaimed Berlin-based yogi, Steph Jaksch, for a three-day yoga retreat at Sir Joan, in Ibiza. Take some time to unplug, reconnect and get your first dose of sunshine.   

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Meditation + Energy Healing

With: Millana Snow
When: 5 - 8 April

Tap into a higher level of consciousness with Millana Snow and expand your life by empowering you to go within and meet your own greatest teacher: YOU.

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The Other Face of Ibiza

With: Ivo von Renner
When: 12 - 15 April

Discover the secrets of world-class photographer and artist Ivo von Renner. Ivo shows you how to use the existing light in unusual locations. Assisted by a make-up artist and professional equipment, you will take your own photos and leave with a portrait of yourself by Ivo. 

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Hook & Cook Fishing Retreat

With: Michael Bisping
When: 19 - 22 April

Join Michael, a local fishing expert on a two and a half day fishing retreat and learn about the process of fishing, from various techniques to the tips and tricks of preparing freshly caught fish.   

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Sir Yoga Retreat

With: Chantal Soesters
When: 26 - 29 April

Yoga, for Chantal Soeters, is about opening up to the present moment. In her yoga classes, she wants to share the joy of yoga and the joy of life. Life happens right here and right now, when we pause and slow down.

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